STREAM tools will enable the realization of the STREAM ecosystem. They will be adapted, deployed, calibrated, and demonstrated in the 4 STREAM pilots that serve as a basis for benchmarking of STREAM ideas. They cover geographical, economic, size and type diversity of the consumers.


sGRID – this STREAM tool will provide DSOs with the ability to enhance their management of power network operational risks and challenges with the objective to ensure a safe and reliable long-term operation and low operational costs. For example, due to the increasing addition of variable RES power generation sources to power networks, connection of intermittent power loads (i.e., EV charging stations) and the addition of new technologies (i.e., smart meters), the DSOs are facing increased levels of complexities compared to the more traditional power markets. sGRID will provide DSOs with a tool to estimate the condition of the grid – on its LV side, where the local flexibility market is to be established, and provide the ability to pre-qualify flexibility assets and capacities so they can actively participate within a given local energy market.