STREAM tools will enable the realization of the STREAM ecosystem. They will be adapted, deployed, calibrated, and demonstrated in the 4 STREAM pilots that serve as a basis for benchmarking of STREAM ideas. They cover geographical, economic, size and type diversity of the consumers.


sFLEX – this STREAM tool will be a central flexibility management system, aimed towards medium- to large-prosumers with reasonably large flexibility assets’ capacity. sFLEX will provide them with sufficient levels of information that will empower their decision-making processes to improve the overall energy efficiency of their operations and provide them with the analysis of available flexibility capacity that they will be able to offer upstream to DSOs and flexibility capacity aggregators. Furthermore, it will be used by aggregators to connect various devices of flexibility assets into a large flexibility pool that can be utilized and monetized in multi-service fashion (energy community balancing, DSO and TSO ancillary services, wholesale markets, etc.). The tool will comprise modules like APIs for STREAM Ecosystem integrations, aggregation, analytics (flexibility forecasting and baselines), optimizations (various flexibility products), disaggregating, monitoring, reporting, etc.