Creating an innovative and robust flexibility ecosystem on the low voltage (LV) grid side of existing power markets.

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Oct 1st

The success of the STREAM ecosystem relies on the benefit realized through the new business models developed in STREAM, built upon local LV flexibility markets and novel barter-like mechanism. STREAM will connect data, technologies, stakeholders and markets on the one hand, and will facilitate the flexibility provision through open data sharing to enable other citizen services designed through a User-centric Approach to improve their acceptance and uptake.

Stream Tools

sPLAN – a robust decision support tool for the DSOs, policy makers and the NRAs. Complementing sGRID, it will focus on enhancing the decision-making processes of DSOs, comparing the value of conventional solutions (like grid upgrades) and flexibility-based energy solutions.

sGRID – this tool will provide DSOs with the ability to enhance their management of power network operational risks and challenges with the objective to ensure a safe and reliable long-term operation and low operational costs, by estimating the conditions on the LV grid and pre-qualifying flexibility assets for active participation on a local energy market.

sMART has two different designs:

  • sMART local market: central platform for flexibility trading activities, involving flexibility providers to aggregators and DSOs.
  • sMART peer-peer: tool aimed to orchestrate, coordinate and facilitate data assets versus service exchange, as well as financial and non-financial compensation.

sDATA – this tool will ensure secure and trusted data exchange from the flexibility assets to the management & aggregation platforms. It will facilitate data sharing and usage access control from end-users (flexibility assets) upstream to flexibility aggregators, DSOs and TSOs.

sENC – this tool will empower energy community (EC) operators by providing information about the EC members (their energy and flexibility assets) and provide aggregation of total flexibility capacity, its management, and the offering of such flexibility in the local energy market.

sFLEX – this tool will be STREAM’s central flexibility management system, aimed towards medium- to large- prosumers with large flexibility assets’ capacity. sFLEX will provide them with valuable information for effective decision-making. It will be also used by the aggregators to connect various devices into a large flexibility pool.

STREAM tools will enable the realization of the STREAM ecosystem. They will be adapted, deployed, calibrated, and demonstrated in the 4 STREAM pilots that serve as a basis for benchmarking of STREAM ideas. They cover geographical, economic, size and type diversity of the consumers.

Pilot sites

  • Partner countries
  • Pilot sites

The STREAM pilot sites were chosen carefully to present the diversity in geographical, economic, size and type of the consumers. All the pilots focus on a specific part of STREAM Ecosystem but complement each other to form a comprehensive testing ground of all the elements of STREAM Ecosystem.