University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Electrical Engineering

University of Ljubljana is a public autonomous educational, scientific research and artistic institution of higher education with a very rich tradition. It is the oldest and the biggest university in Slovenia. It was established in 1919 and it encompasses 26 full members (3 art academies and 23 faculties) and 3 associated members (National University Library, University of Ljubljana Central Technical Library, University of Ljubljana Innovation-Development Institute). UL is also very active in international R&D programs: in the period 2007- 2013 it was involved as a partner or coordinating institution in more than 750 European projects, among them 160 FP7 projects and 2 ERC grants. In 2018 UL cooperates in 405 running international projects, including 83 FP7 and H2020 project projects and more than 380 other research and educational projects financed by EU Community programs.

At the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the research and education activities in the Laboratory for Energy Policy (LEST) mainly focuses on various issues related to power systems planning, operation and control, as well as energy policy and electricity markets regulation. The main research activities are focused on long-term security of supply forecasting, optimal operation of hydro-thermal systems, forecasting the availability of renewable energy sources and its support policy, asset management in generation and transmission, and power system economics. LEST has also been strongly involved in solving real life problems for energy sector. LEST is very active on EU research level, it participated on several FP6, FP7 and H2020 projects.




ETRA Investigation y Desarrollo, S.A. (ETRA I+D) is the hi-tech unit within ETRA Group, one of the leading industrial groups in Spain. Its mission is putting in the market the most advanced solutions and services for real-time control and monitoring of critical systems in the Areas or Energy, Transport, Mobility, Security and Communications. The ETRA Group is based in Spain with international presence in Portugal, Germany, Eastern Europe, LATAM and MENA. ETRA is a key player at EU level in industry-driven applied research and innovation. ETRA brings into the project its expertise in research and development of new technologies and applications as well as a long success record in managing large scale complex EU RTD projects.

Within STREAM, ETRA the project’s Technical Coordinator, the WP5 leader and the partner responsible for the development of three of the energy service tools for the Spanish Pilot.


OMIE – Omi Polo Español

OMIE is the nominated electricity market operator (NEMO) for managing the Iberian Peninsula’s day-ahead and intraday electricity markets. Our company actively participates in connecting wholesale electricity markets in the EU, along with all of the NEMOs nominated in each member state.

Europe has established a regulatory framework for the European electricity sector until 2030 based on marginal cross-border energy markets. Under this regulation, here at OMIE we manage the day-ahead and intraday wholesale electricity markets (continuous intraday and intraday auctions) for Spain and Portugal.

You can check out all of the information about OMIE at OMIGROUP.



As an electricity market operator Borzen helps to shape the energy market in Slovenia and, two decades ago, committed to the market and its stakeholders, the company laid the foundations for a liberalized and single electricity market. The official opening of the electricity market in Slovenia took place on 15 April 2001. At the end of the same year, trading took place on an electronic platform and before that trading was carried out through market meetings at which market participants gathered in the meeting room once a week.

The founding and establishment of Borzen also meant the establishment of the first Slovenian power exchange. In 2008, this role was entrusted to Borzen’s subsidiary BSP Energy Exchange, in which we were involdved as a stakeholder until December 2022. 

Today, the key activities of the market operator ensure and enable the stable operation of the Slovenian electricity system and the transparent operation of the electricity market, as well as support the transition to a low-carbon society. 



What we bring to the table

CyberGrid offers a cloud-based platform for a decentralised grid with storage capacities and large shares of intermittent energy. This technology boosts the efficient use of existing generation resources, storage, and the integration of renewable energy resources.

Our business purpose

Based on commercial and R&D projects, we continuously strive to leverage the European-wide research agenda for the purpose of sustainable decarbonization.

Key market advantage

Our key market advantage is our wealth of European-wide experience in the energy industry in combination with a wide network of local and international partners, and a competitive pricing strategy to deliver professional consulting services and high-end software solutions.



The ELES Company ensures the safe, reliable and uninterrupted transmission of electricity. ELES is the guardian of Slovenia’s electric power transmission system, which is closely connected to the transmission networks of neighbouring countries and integrated into the European energy system.

Our responsibility is that electricity is always at hand, ensuring the consumers can meet their needs and wishes at any time.



The main objective of Kolektor sETup is to connect and integrate advanced technology and process solutions in a smart and green infrastructure environment, enabling our partners and clients to leverage innovative business models and achieve sustainable and fiscal strategic goals.



Enercoop Group is a renewable energy community located in Crevillent owned by 11,000 members. This electric cooperative was founded in 1925 and has presence in practically the entire value chain of the electricity sector: production of 100% renewable energy, distribution to the municipality of Crevillent (Spain), electricity supplier within and outside the municipality, representative agent in the electricity market for renewable production facilities, group of energy purchases for other electricity supplier companies and provision of other energy services (renewable energy installation, energy efficiency studies, engineering consultancy). Enercoop is currently the largest electric cooperative with its own electric distribution grid in Spain. The cooperative is governed by the principle of “one member one vote”, so that all members have the same decision-making capacity.


Elektro Primorska

Our mission is to provide quality and reliable electricity in an environmentally friendly and safe way, in compliance with legislation and regulations.


VTT – Technical Research Centre of Finland

For as long as 80 years, VTT has been playing a significant role in catalysing renewal and ensuring the functioning of society with the help of innovation. Over the decades awesome innovations have been birthed at VTT – keep reading to get to know the people behind them. Go deeper by reading our freshly published vision, spanning 80 years into the future. What kind of future do we want?



JOANNEUM RESEARCH, headquartered in Graz, is a successful national and internationally active research institution owned by the Austrian federal states of Styria, Carinthia and Burgenland. Ideally embedded in the national and international innovation network, our researchers innovate in three high-level fields of expertise: “Information and Production Technologies”, “Human Technologies and Medicine”, and “Society and Sustainability”. We use our ideas, innovative power and considerable research experience to support companies both private and public not only with the development of technology, methods and products, but also with societal topics.





Emotion was born in 2014 from an idea of ​​a group of Umbrian entrepreneurs to propose solutions for electric mobility.

In Corciano, at our operational headquarters, we carry out all the research, production (from the assembly of the columns to the software development) and personalized assistance, thanks to a team that constantly updates its skills, in order to improve the performance of our products in terms of productivity, reliability and efficiency.

A strong drive towards innovation and profound environmental, social and ethical responsibility are the drivers of our company, which aims to grow our global footprint within the energy and automation sector, also thanks to participation in Horizon 2020 European projects.



Our mission

Our mission in OptiWatti is to fight against climate change. For this we provide easy-to-use solutions to save energy and increase comfort.


OptiWatti combines room level temperature control, solar panels, local energy storage and demand response. Market expansion has started and we are growing exponentially.

The company is owned by operating management,  Taaleri Kiertotalous and Butterfly Ventures. The business is growing rapidly and we have a talented team to develop world-class solutions to fight against climate change.

OptiWatti was founded as Juha Marjetta needed to get the heating of his home under control. The heating consisted of electric radiators, floor heating, air-source heat pump and a fire place.

Controlling many different heaters was complicated, and it was not possible to actively adjust them. Another challenge was posed by his little sons, who kept adjusting the temperatures in their rooms. All this resulted in uneven temperatures and big electricity bills.

On this basis, Juha began looking for a solution, and he soon found out that there was nothing suitable available in the market. He wanted to be able to optimise temperatures separately in each room without having to carry out major investments and wiring work. Because there was no ready-made solution available that met his needs, Juha decided to build a system himself. Eventually he came up with OptiWatti, a smart system that offers an easy way to adjust temperatures separately in each room.



Avant car is an established international provider of mobility. Our key business lines are short-term rentals, long-term business rentals, fleet management and vehicle rentals with drivers. With a wide range of services we successfully follow the mission and effectively overcome the challenges of the modern lifestyle, advanced business processes and needs of diverse modes of mobility

At the same time we have been actively implementing the new field of electro-mobility, which is dealt with by our research and development department consisting of a team of professionals with interdisciplinary skills. The path which we walk together is our passion, while our goal is customers’ satisfaction with user-experience excellence.



The Innovation and Development Institute of the University of Ljubljana (IRI UL) is a research and development organisation that actively co-designs, creates and disseminates technological and societal solutions tailored to people and the environment. In line with our mission, we identify the needs of the economy, design and manage international research and development projects within the framework of EU programmes, and support the implementation of project results into practice. In cooperation with industry, NGOs, government institutions and other non-academic actors, we create a bridge between university knowledge and the needs of society and the environment. 



Inden is a private company striving to provide high-tech solutions customized for the industry and energy sectors. Our vision is to empower customers to overcome their challenges with expertise and a wide range of products. We specialize in implementing complex systems and system integration, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions costomised to the needs of each individual company.



ComSensus is a high-tech SME founded in 2011. It focuses on the development of highly customized products and solutions for remote monitoring and control, primarily for the energy sector. The founders of the company have a strong research background and have been involved in several FP7/H2020 projects dealing with energy, sensor-based products and services, and testbed setup and maintenance. Some of these projects are H2020 RESOLVD, H2020 (EMPIR) FutureGrid II, H2020 PHOENIX, H2020 DEFENDER, H2020 WiSHFUL, H2020 TRIANGLE, FP7 eBadge, and FP7 SUNSEED.

Our main business area is smart grid solutions. Here we are experts in connectivity solutions, smart metering applications, real-time grid monitoring and applied data analytics (non-intrusive load monitoring from smart meter measurements, spatio-temporal assessment of load flexibility and fault detection, classification and localization using the phasor measurement unit data). The core development team consists of hardware and software engineers. We are experts in embedded system solution design, edge signal processing and proof-of-concept prototyping.



Ideaz Agency is a Google All-Stars competition winning agency primarily serving clients in e-commerce, events, education and health industries with clients scattered between Dubai, Central Europe, United Kingdom and the United States.

Ideaz Agency is specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce development and performance optimization, Google AdWords advertising and social media marketing. It is an official Google Partner with certifications in Google AdWords, Google Display, Google Video, Google Mobile and Google Analytics.

Ideaz Agency holds an AAA credit rating and has the privilege of serving Heineken, Otto, University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor, among others.