The STREAM pilot sites were chosen carefully to present the diversity in geographical, economic, size and type of the consumers. All the pilots focus on a specific part of STREAM Ecosystem but complement each other to form a comprehensive testing ground of all the elements of STREAM Ecosystem.

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Terni, Italy


Citizen energy community


Italian pilot site Terni, a city in the central Italy close to Rome with the population of 111,500 people, will shape energy communities, their operation and management, with an end goal to manage flexibility assets at local level and on a smaller scale. With such system the community-level energy consumption will be lower and flexibility trading will be optimized for the benefits of the community members and to support improved operation of electricity grid.


  1. Manage community-level energy consumption, flexibility optimization, and trading for the benefit of community members.
  2. Utilise flexibility assets to improve electricity grid operation.
  3. Equip multi-apartment residential buildings with IoT-based smart meters and smart plugs for home device automation and flexible devices retrofitting.
  4. Develop dedicated apps to community members for taking full control of the flexibility of their assets.
  5. Remotely control water pumping stations in an automated to optimise energy consumption and cost without affecting the end user’s comfort.
  6. Incorporate decentralized RES generation, battery storage, controllable loads, and EV charging stations in the distribution feeder network branch.
  7. Include additional 120 end consumers in the Citizen Energy Community.
  8. Equip public schools with PV local generation, residential consumers with PV, and smart home individual consumer with local generation, storage, and EV renting and driving integration.
  9. Create an EV charging system that encourages charging by providing discounts when there is a surplus of energy from local RES.


October 2022 (M1):

STREAM project kick-off

March 2023 (M6):

Definitions of pilot site services and research questions