Stream story

STREAM project aims to create an innovative and robust flexibility ecosystem (“STREAM Ecosystem”) on the low voltage (LV) grid side of existing power markets connecting data, technologies, stakeholders and markets, thus facilitating the flexibility provision.

The story of this transformative journey will unfold across four key steps.

1st step:
Enabling consumer flexibility capacity

It all begins with data gathered from various sources, feeding into the sDATA tool. This serves as an open data sharing platform, empowering data usage for forecasting, user profiling, and other essential services.

This data is crucial for the sPLAN tool, which aids in DSO grid planning.

The identified flexibility potential is then seamlessly transferred to sFLEX, which serves as a connection between flexibility units and flexibility service providers.

2nd Step:
Flexibility utilization

Devices seeking market access must first register in the flexible Device registry.

Once registered, flexibility operators can monetize devices by selling their flexibility to various markets, facilitated by the Device registry.

Similarly, the STREAM tool sENC empowers Energy community operators to manage and offer community flexibility to energy markets effectively.

3rd step:
New flexibility remuneration / local market operation

The Device Registry plays a pivotal role in creating new local flexibility markets through the sMART tool.

However, local markets require limitations to function effectively.

The DSO communicates grid capacity limits to the sGRID tool, which calculates grid state and establishes operating limits via a Traffic Light System (TLS).

The TLS dictates rules governing grid and market interactions across different stages.

4th step:
Wholesale flexibility remuneration

Finally, flexibility can be bridged from low voltage to established ancillary services markets at the TSO level.

This facilitates energy flow from flexible units to the wholesale market, enabling cash flow back from markets to flexible units.

All 4 steps together

That allows streaming of flexibility to the market and getting remuneration from the market to the end user.