The STREAM pilot sites were chosen carefully to present the diversity in geographical, economic, size and type of the consumers. All the pilots focus on a specific part of STREAM Ecosystem but complement each other to form a comprehensive testing ground of all the elements of STREAM Ecosystem.

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City, Finland


Office building


The Finish pilot site is an office building with 7 companies with around 120 employees ever day present at the facility.

The building is already equipped with:

• Building automation (KNX-based system, lightning, heating, air condition, etc…)

• Geothermal heating system

• One smart grid connection to substation and multiple energy consumption usage points measurement. Smart meters measuring active and reactive power data on 1 hour resolution, are in place in each energy usage points for energy consumption, which are connected behind smart grid connection point.

• 40 kWp Solar energy system (electricity production for main building energy usage purposes), measured 5-30 seconds to 1 hour profile

• 4 EV-charging stations

• Reserve power (one diesel generator).


  1. Create different types of energy communities for office, industrial and residential buildings.
  2. Optimize heating control systems to consume less power without effecting end users.
  3. Install a community battery system to reduce energy cost and consumption.
  4. Combine PVs and heating control systems to support flexibility and energy usage.
  5. Create a sophisticated energy metering system for remote reading and data analytics to optimize energy usage


The STREAM partner Voimatel has over 1,000 customers (included small, mid-size and big customers) and they are a Finnish pioneer in the artificial intelligence-controlled energy management of properties. With their management software they are already optimization energy usage and system delivery to approx. 2,000 properties around Finland and Estonia with total active power around 25 MW. With their smart energy control, they can achieve energy efficiency savings up to 40%.


October 2022 (M1):

STREAM project kick-off

March 2023 (M6):

Definitions of pilot site services and research questions