STREAM Project Spotlighted in 2023 BRIDGE Brochure

We are thrilled to announce the release of the 2023 edition of the BRIDGE brochure, which showcases STREAM project. This latest version of the brochure offers an extensive overview of the activities within the European Commission’s cooperative initiative and highlights the advancements it has undergone in the past two years.

Our project, STREAM, is prominently featured in this updated report. The brochure presents a comprehensive account of EU-supported initiatives funded through the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programs, specifically focusing on the domains of Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalization for the period spanning 2015 to 2023. Within its pages, you will find concise, two-page fact sheets that provide in-depth insights into each project.

This publication equips you with all the essential information needed to delve into the context, scale, and impact of the projects undertaken. It also offers valuable details about the consortium partners involved, the geographical reach of these initiatives, and the funding they have received. You can explore the full report here to gain a comprehensive understanding of STREAM’s contribution to these pivotal EU programs.