STREAM Project Made a Mark at Enlit Europe 2023

The STREAM Project team recently participated in the Enlit Europe 2023 conference, held in Paris, a gathering that has established itself as a crucible for energy industry innovation and collaboration. This year’s event, which took place from the 28th to the 30th of November brought together a diverse group of experts, innovators, and leaders from across the energy sector.

STREAM Project played an important role in one of the conference’s sessions titled “Unlocking Flexibility Markets: Are Customers Ready to Embrace Innovation?” The session, a collaborative effort with our sister projects, BEFLEXIBLE and ENFLATE, drew in over 150 industry professionals, making it one of the most impactful discussions at the conference.

The session’s highlights included:

  • Insightful discourse by Ricardo Bessa from INESC TEC.
  • A presentation by Fernando David Martin Utrilla from i-DE, discussing the strides made by the BEFLEXIBLE Project.
  • Insights from Jan Jeriha of the University of Ljubljana, outlining the objectives and achievements of the STREAM Project.
  • Contributions from Katerina Drivakou from UBITECH, who shared the progress of the ENFLATE Project.

The session was expertly moderated by Susana Garayoa from Zabala Innovation Europe, a part of BeFlexible EU.

Each speaker provided unique insights and perspectives, enriching the conversation regarding the continuously developing flexibility markets within the energy industry. The broad spectrum of topics talked about and the level of expertise shared made it clear how important it is for everyone to work together to solve the problems facing the energy sector as a whole.

Over the three days at ENLIT Europe, the STREAM Project team engaged in numerous insightful discussions, network with peers, and exchanged ideas that are set to shape the future of energy. The conference served as a vibrant platform for learning about the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the energy sector.

The STREAM Project extends its gratitude to the organizers of Enlit Europe 2023, the speakers, and the enthusiastic audience that contributed to the success of our session.