STREAM Joins the Energy Nexus Cluster

In January 2024 STREAM joined the Energy Nexus Cluster. The GLocalFlex Energy Nexus platform is designed to support and enhance energy systems through the integration of various projects focused on energy management, flexibility, and sustainability.  It connects projects like RESONANCE, STREAM, SENERGY NETS, REEFLEX, and BEFLEXIBLE, each contributing to the development of efficient, flexible, and integrated energy solutions across Europe. These initiatives focus on optimizing energy distribution and consumption to foster a more sustainable energy future.

The collaboration within the Energy Nexus Cluster offers several benefits. It fosters innovative solutions by allowing projects to share knowledge and resources. This enhances the flexibility and efficiency of energy distribution and usage, optimizing energy consumption. By working together, these projects support sustainability goals, facilitating the adoption of renewable energy sources and promoting energy-efficient practices. This collective effort helps reduce carbon emissions and advances green energy initiatives.

Additionally, being part of this larger cluster enables projects like STREAM to scale their solutions more effectively. It also attracts attention from the public and regulatory bodies, which can lead to increased support and funding opportunities.

The participation of STREAM in the Energy Nexus Cluster marks a step towards achieving these benefits and objectives, demonstrating a collective effort towards a sustainable energy future in Europe.