STREAM Individual Pilot Site Meetings

Project STREAM is making significant progress towards its goal of developing and implementing services for each pilot site. In a recent online meeting, the pilot sites were defined in more detail, and services were categorized into three different categories: Consumer, technical, and energy system service.

In Finland, the services will focus more on utilizing buildings flexibility. To achieve that, they identified services such as power management flexibility of energy usage, energy storages supporting energy usage flexibility and services, water circulation heating control, solar power and heating control support flexibility of energy usage, and energy community services.

In Spain, the services will focus on creating an energy community which will benefit its users and the grid. The services identified are portfolio monitoring, flexibility management, data analytics on EV consumption patterns and automatic flexibility calendar creation, market integration, resources register, zones register, prequalification, qualification, grid monitoring, grid forecast, load flow analysis, congestion forecast, sensitivity analysis, assets and fault detection diagnostics, bidding, clearing, and peak shaving.

In Italy, the services will include utilizing EVs, water pumps and aggregated devices, to provide flexibility to the local grid. The services identified include citizen’s empowerment in the energy market, prioritization of EV charging and parking slot availability in peak hours, network monitoring.

In Slovenia, the pilot site will focus on aggregating devices (EVs, heating/cooling devices, PV, industrial devices…) and creating a local flexibility marker which will also be connected to the global ancillary service market. The services identified include vehicle charging management, preliminary feasibility study for deploying new energy infrastructure, analysis of energy demand and local energy production,  forecasting system for DSO ancillary services, DR mechanism, DSO-TSO coordination for TSO ancillary service and voltage support and congestion management.

Overall, Project STREAM is making significant progress in developing and implementing innovative services at each pilot site, aimed at achieving specific goals. These services will support consumer, technical, and energy system needs, with the ultimate goal of enabling a more flexible, sustainable and efficient energy system.