STREAM 2nd general meeting

The second general meeting for STREAM project took place in Graz, Austria between 18th and 19th of April 2023. As part of the meeting, a consortium of 18 partners from 6 countries throughout Europe met, with the objective to discuss the project status and future activities for each pilot site.

The first day of the meeting started by gathering at the Schlossberghotel, where the meetings were held throughout the day. The partners presented the current status of the project and defined clear plans for the future development. Following the general presentations, pilot site leaders present a detailed plan of their demo’s activities, milestones, risk log and timeline. In the afternoon, partners from each pilot site participated in a productive workshop where they collaborated to resolve any outstanding issues and further refine the project activities. First day concluded with a social dinner.

On the second day, proceedings were again conducted at the Schlossberghotel. The morning session was devoted to active dissemination and impact creation, followed by presentations from the partners on the outcomes of the previous day’s workshop. The remainder of the day was spent engaging in workshop activities. Following the productive meetings, Joanneum Research kindly invited the participants to visit their cutting-edge Science Tower, showcasing the impressive building and its functions. A brief lunch break preceded the conclusion of the second general meeting.