Slovenian Pilot Site Workshop

On May 26th, a productive workshop took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where six Slovenian partners and one partner from Austria converged. The purpose of this meeting was to establish a roadmap for collaborative activities concerning the Slovenian pilot site in Ajdovščina.

The workshop primarily focused on three key objectives. Firstly, the participants engaged in in-depth discussions regarding the activities to be carried out it the Slovenian pilot site. Secondly, they worked towards defining the development and demonstration processes necessary for the project’s success. Lastly, an assessment was made to ensure the availability of all required data.

The core activities revolved around the utilization of the STREAM tools (sDATA, sFLEX, sMART, sGRID, sPLAN) and the implementation of a comprehensive device registry. To facilitate smooth progress, the responsibilities and tasks were thoughtfully distributed among the partners: AvantCAR, KolektorSETUP, University of Ljubljana, ELES, Elektro Primorska, IRI UL, and CyberGrid.

This workshop effectively outlined the crucial activities and provided the necessary insights for the accomplishment of the Slovenian pilot site. To further consolidate these efforts, the partners will meet again before 3rd General Meeting.