Insightful Workshop on Device Registry concept at ELES

Representatives from the University of Ljubljana, coordinators of the STREAM project, recently visited ELES premises in Ljubljana to present the project’s Ecosystem concept, focusing mainly on the development of a Device Registry within the Slovenian pilot site. In STREAM the device registry represents the heart of the ecosystem, as it enables the utilization of flexible units in the low voltage grids and empowers the distribution system operator (DSO). 

The goal of this workshop was to present the innovations being develop in the STREAM project, while also opening an important debate on the topic and thus engage a wider group of stakeholders in the Slovenian energy sector.  

During the workshop, the participants delved into various topics ranging from unit prequalification and test activations, device registry organization design and how TSO-DSO coordination. Additionally, the workshop covered topics like dynamic connection contracts and methodologies for setting flexibility price caps. 

This workshop marks an important moment in the STREAM project by engaging the wider energy field, thus gaining fresh insights to shape future energy strategies and policies in Slovenia.