Exploring Cross-Sector Flexibility Between Energy and Water Sectors in Terni

In the STREAM project’s work to build a sustainable and efficient energy ecosystem in Terni, a focused strategy was used to directly involve the local community and key stakeholders through workshops and focus groups. These meetings aimed to gather insights and knowledge to make sure the project’s actions meet the community’s needs and fit well with how the energy and water sectors operate.

On the 6th of December first workshop in Terni was organized. The workshop focused on exploring the potential for cross-sector flexibility in particular how the energy and water sectors can work together more effectively. Stakeholders from different areas, including a DSO, Water Distribution System Operator (WDSO), building managers, and energy retailers, came together to find ways to use resources more efficiently. The main findings stressed the value of using smart meters for better management of utilities, the need for closer working relationships between the DSO and WDSO, and the exploration of innovative business models to support this integration.