1st Stakeholder Workshop at Smart Lentokapteeni pilot site in Finland

The workshop of the key stakeholders discussed the objectives and activities of the STREAM project in general. The practical work of WP2 was started by harvesting the possible services of the main stakeholders, the use cases which could be piloted and tested and research needs in STREAM. 

The stakeholders of Smart Lentokapteeni was analysed in the workshop organized by Voimatel, Optiwatti and VTT. The main stakeholders of Stream ecosystem at Smart Lentokapteeni are:

  • Building owner
  • Building service company
  • Subcontractor Heating
  • Subcontractor Cleaning
  • Subcontractor Waste handling
  • Tenant Companies (6)
  • Tenant company owner
  • Users/Consumers
  • (Energy&IEQ) service provider
  • Technology provider
  • Distribution system operator DSO
  • Transmission system operator TSO
  • Electricity retailer (1 or more)
  • Balance responsive party BRP